Request A Cartoon

To further improve and fund this project, we at CTW have been thinking about placing a donate button somewhere in this page. However, we also want to offer something new to the hundreds of daily viewers and readers that we have. With this, we proudly announce the REQUESTED CARTOONS DAY!

Every WEDNESDAY, instead of posting a random cartoon as we previously did, we will now be posting ALL CARTOONS which were requested before that Wednesday.

Upon receiving your requested cartoon, we will then do our best to search for a nice image of your requested celebrity, then ask our artists to cartoonize it. As soon as the cartoon is finished, it will be sent directly to your e-mail, in high-resolution original copy, and before everybody else gets to see the cartoon on the Wednesday after your request! All that, for a small donation fee of $10!

And of course, we will give full credit! Feel free to include your own website or blog in filling up the request form so that we may include them in the credits on the wednesday when your requested cartoon will appear.

Your requests may vary from your favorite stars in sports, film, television, videogames, politics, etc. We also welcome requests to cartoonize international celebrities! Just make sure that we can find a picture of him/her/it on our search engines. :)

What are you waiting for? If you find yourselves sleepless at night, wondering what your idol would look like cartoonized, don't hesitate to type in his or her name below and hit the REQUEST BUTTON!

Celebrity Request:

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p.s. You can also sign up for a Paypal account here if you don't have one. We use Paypal to ensure security of all transactions.