David Archuleta

Ever since he was 12, David Archuleta has already been singing in different episodes of Star Search. He also appeared in various shows such as The Jenny Jones Show and CBS' The Early Show. However, his popularity literally skyrocketed when he became the runner-up on American Idol's 7th season. David recently released his self-titled album, which became an instant hit and reached number 2 in US charts.

No matter how amazing he is though, he cannot escape Cartoonize The World.

Sorry Arch Angels... but David Archuleta, you've been cartoonized.

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  1. Thankyouthankyouthankyou. My life is now complete. ;D

    I am a proud Arch Angel/Archie/whatever else you want to call me.

    Cartoonize the World is now my new favorite place. xD

  2. Anonymous11:46 AM

    Gorgeous as usual!!!

  3. Anonymous11:55 AM

    You are very talented! Love David's cartoon.

  4. Andrea1:13 PM

    Gotta love him :)
    Thank you!

  5. goboywonder1:53 PM

    Yep, that's our David, thank you!

  6. Anonymous2:46 PM

    It looks exactly like David!! wow!

  7. Anonymous12:47 AM


  8. Anonymous8:35 PM

    double awwwwwwwwww