Make Your Own CTW Shirts!!

Making your own Cartoonize The World shirts is both easy and fun! These shirts are perfect gifts for your loved ones! You can make your own shirt by following the simple steps below:

1.) Get A CTW Design
First and foremost, you should get a cartoon design. You can get a cartoonized version of yourself here.

2.) Print on Transfer Paper
Transfer papers, also known as iron-on papers can be bought in any bookstore/ school supplies center near you. You can also purchase them online here.

3.) Shirt
Get a nice, plain shirt to which your design will be printed. Generally, cotton type shirts do well with transfer papers. To be sure though, read the package instructions on your transfer paper.

4.) Iron
Place the design on top of your shirt. With a normal clothes iron, iron the design for a while. Read instructions on your transfer paper to know the exact time of doing this, and the temperature required for the clothes iron.

5.) Peel
Just peel of the transfer paper and see your design printed on your shirt! It's that easy!

This is a very cool gift idea for everyone. Specially now that Valentine's day is just around the corner, what better way to make your special someone feel really, really special than giving him/her something you created yourself!

'Til next time!